Brand Guidelines

The Mountain Land Brand

Our Vision

We are a leading healthcare provider committed to living our core values and inspiring life’s most meaningful endeavors.

Our Mission

We restore, support, and promote active and healthy lifestyles.

Our Core Values

Clinical Excellence, Operational and Fiscal Efficiency, Caring Company Culture, Exceptional Customer Service, Integrity, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Gratitude, Have Fun!

Mountain Land Powerpoint Presentation Template

Email Signatures

Copy and paste the template below into your email signature on Outlook. For more information on how to updated your email signature, click HERE

Brand Logos

Mountain Land


Therapy West


Our Fonts

Mountain Land uses two primary fonts: Myriad Pro family for sans-serif and Berkeley Oldstyle EF Black for serif. Most computers don’t have these fonts but similar sans-serif font can be substituted for Myriad Pro such as Open Sans, and Calibri. However, there is no substitute for Berkeley, and graphic designers should only use this font.

If you have any questions about what fonts to use, email

Our Colors

Our colors are essential to keeping our brand cohesive! Currently we use our blues and white the most with accents of our orange.