Content Hub

Welcome to the Content Hub! Here you have the opportunity to submit videos, pictures, experiences, quotes, etc. to be posted to our social media accounts, and/or used for advertising purposes. Use the Content Hub as a tool to improve advertising for your clinic, create ideas for social media posts, help encourage our awesome patients or even show off why Mountain Land is a great company to work for! All ideas are welcome. Once your content is submitted, the Marketing Team will be notified and will help make your ideas a reality. Happy submitting!

Active Lifestyle Advice

We know that you all do incredible things, time to show off! Share a photo or video of you doing a physical activity and give our followers a tip or advice that has helped you.

Clinic Events

Let us know what activities your clinic is participating in within your community! We would love to be there to document the action. Or send us some of your own pictures or videos of the event!

Patient Highlight

We want to share all of the incredible stories from all of our incredible patients. With their written permission, we can now do that!

Blog Post

Create a blog post to be shared on This will help drive traffic to your clinic pages on the website, as well as be an education tool for patients.


What does the public think? Create an idea for a poll or quiz and let’s see what viewers have to say, or test their knowledge on certain workout trends! This will help us get interactions from our followers on social media.

Staff Shoutout

Have a team member who is doing a stellar job? Let’s celebrate it! Let us know why you love working with a certain team member of the Mountain Land Team, and how they exemplify Mountain Land's core values!

The Mountain Land Experience

Share an experience or event that shows what Mountain Land is all about! This can be anything from someone living our core values, to a time you enjoyed working in the culture of Mountain Land.

Video Series

Have a topic relating to your work that you are passionate about? Create a mini-series including videos, images and/or texts, all about your topic to help inform and educate viewers.

"How To" Picture

Share an exercise or stretch that could help the everyday viewer out. The Marketing Team will help you obtain a picture for the post.

"How To" Video

Share an exercise or stretch that could help the everyday viewer out. All video footage will be produced by the marketing team, so plan to collaborate with them after submitting the request.

External Content

Found something interesting while surfing the web? Submit your findings! Can be articles, blogs or ongoing research; as long as it pertains to physical therapy!

Inspirational Quote

Physical therapy is no easy task, let’s give our patients something to keep them going. Submit an inspiring quote, image, or video to help keep our patients motivated!